Access Control

Access control systems ensure that authenticated users access only what they are authorized to access, and nothing else. With access control, reports can be generated so that you have an account of who enters into confidential areas of your building, like personnel file rooms or IT rooms.

Combining access control with other systems, like security and camera surveillance, can allow you to receive instant notifications or images of people as they enter/exit a room or building. Setting up these notifications on your cell phone can keep you aware of what is happening in your building and alert you if there is a problem.

Access Control gives you:

  • Cards or codes that can be added or removed at any time.
  • Restrictions on certain areas of your building to allow only those with the proper card to enter.
  • Automatic opening and closing of doors at set times to assure security and increase efficiency.
  • The ability to control your building or office remotely.

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